LGBT+ Sanctuary

Supporting LGBT+ individuals through the process of coming out and beyond 

Do you identify as LGBT+? Are you currently fearing rejection if you were to come out? Perhaps you have come out and you have on-going struggles in your life. You may even be a parent of an LGBT+ child and are looking ways to best support them since they have come out. If you are looking support around coming out or to overcome low mood, anxiety or trauma then this space is just for you.

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Mindframe Media Services

Supporting the psychological aspects of your media project

Are you currently looking for a media consultant to support the psychological aspects of your media production? We can provide psychological comment for your feature, undertake psychology assessment to assess contributor suitability, offer after care and guest welfare services and assist in the psychological development of production treatments.

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The Supervision Space

Supporting trainee and qualified mental health professionals in clinical practice

Are currently looking for a clinical supervisor to support you in your clinical work with clients? We offer a number of supervision packages, tailored to meet your needs. Online and telephone support enables you to have supervision from the comfort of your home or office. If you are looking for a supervision experience that is collaborative in its approach, a space where you feel comfortable to share, a desire to develop and consolidate your skills, that is caring toward your well-being and self-care this could be the space for you.

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