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Empowering the Visible You

Overcome your fears of rejection and not being good enough

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Visible You Project

Are you someone that is:

bullet2Struggling in friendships and relationships by pushing people away or clinging onto others

bullet2Putting yourself down by being self-critical and believing you are not good enough

bullet2Worrying what others think of you and fearing they will reject you

If this sounds familiar then the Visible You Project would love to support you through these challenges.

Each week I free up time in my diary, at no financial cost to you, to create a safe space to chat on the phone for around 60-minutes about some of the difficulties you might be experiencing.

On Our Free Call Together We Will:

  • Create clarity around where you are feeling rejection in your life.
  • Explore steps to overcome these fears of rejection.
  • Discover the number one thing that is holding you back achieving what you want in life.
  • Identify powerful actions you can take to move your life forward.
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Meet Glenn Mason

July 20, 2024

I personally know what it is like to feel INVISIBLE, to fear rejection, to not accept yourself and to not feel good enough. It can be a massive challenge when you are then expected to be more VISIBLE in the world, sending our mind and emotions on an emotional roller coaster.

I've been working in the helping profession since 2001 and I love supporting people to explore and understand the challenges that hold them back in their life. What stops them being more VISIBLE in the world?

I'm here to support people in bringing the INVISIBLE YOU into the light, helping them to work towards self-acceptance and overcome fears of rejection.

I'm here to show people that when we show up in the world connected to our true self, what I call the VISIBLE YOU, we can achieve the things that we once thought to be impossible and experience a happier and more fulfilled life.

"I would love to support you in overcoming the challenges you are facing right now and look forward to connecting with you soon on your free Visible You Support Call."

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