It's PRIDE season BUT are you feeling PROUD?

Find out how the Visible You Project can support you

Visible You Project

Are you someone that is:

bullet2Feeling confused about their sexuality

bullet2Maybe you want to 'come out' to your family, but you are worried how they will react

bullet2Perhaps you have 'come out' to your family and the news was not received well

bullet2Maybe you are struggling with low motivation, poor sleep and isolating yourself way from other

bullet2Perhaps you are using alcohol, drugs and sex as a coping strategy for how you are feeling

If this sounds familiar the Visible You Project would love to support you through some of these challenges.

Each week I free up time in my diary, at no financial cost to you, to create a safe space to chat on the phone for around 60-minutes about some of the difficulties you might be experiencing. If you wish I can also provide you with more information on our 12 session Visible You Programme on our call.

Visible You Programme Features

  • 12 one-to-one sessions delivered online enabling you to have these from the comfort of your home
  • Email and telephone support between sessions should the need arise
  • Learn strategies to help you overcome your worries or concerns
  • Explore ways to improve low motivation, poor sleep and fear of rejection
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Meet Glenn Mason

July 20, 2024

Glenn is currently based in Manchester, but was born in Belfast Northern Ireland. He has been working in the helping profession since 2002 with experience in the NHS, criminal justice, youth and community development, residential social work with adolescents and working with homeless adults. Glenn predominantly works in his private practice Visibility Matters, but also works with the charity Walking With The Wounded on their Head Start programme with Military Veterans'. He is in the final few months of completing his PhD at the University of Manchester in Counselling Psychology.

Glenn is a course assistant, assessor and clinical supervisor at Belfast Cognitive Therapy Centre, one of Northern Ireland's leading private therapy and training centres. He has over seven years supervised clinical practice delivering cognitive behavioural therapy and is also trained in EMDR therapy. Glenn is a regal media consultant to TV, radio and press around psychology and mental health.

"I would love to support you overcome the challenges you are facing right now and look forward to connecting with you soon on your free consultation."

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